3 Run-Down Stop Calls Every Defensive Coordinator Must Have On Their Call Sheet

Even with today’s fast and furious spread offense, if your defense cannot stop an opponent’s running game, your team is finished. This article outlines three tried-and-true run blitzes that all defensive coordinators need to keep in their arsenal. Complete with diagrams and player assignments, you’ll be able to add these run-blitzes immediately into your call sheet.


Busting A Culture Of Entitlement

It is true that today’s generation of young athletes is growing up in a different culture, one in which individual achievements are often glorified and celebrated at the expense of collective achievements and self-sacrifice. Nowhere is this more evident than in the typical youth sport setting where parents aggressively push for their sons and daughters to get noticed, in the hopes of securing a college scholarship. The most effective way to bust a culture of athlete entitlement is to actively build and reinforce a culture of athlete accountability. This three-pronged approach is most effective for creating this type of team culture.


Revolutionary Mouthguard Absorbs Impact, Allows Players To Speak Clearly

No football coach in his right mind would recommend that student-athletes use helmets or shoulder pads from the 1950s. But that is when bulky EVA-based mouthguards – the same material still used to make most mouthguards today – made their entrance into the game of football. A mouthguard isn’t just a piece of equipment that makes a player game-eligible. Its first job is to protect the athlete’s teeth and keep that athlete safe. SISU mouthguards do that job better than any other mouthguard available using the latest in materials science.


Scenturion® Uses Nanosilver And Ionic Shield® Technology To Eliminate Odor And Bacteria

Football players sweat, there is no getting around it. The harder athletes work, the more they sweat and the stronger the odor in the locker room becomes. While there is no escaping a good healthy sweat, football programs are not helpless to combat the negative effects that comes with it. Several companies around the country are making strides in the area of odor elimination, and SCENTURION® has become a leader in the market, with cutting edge technology that sets them apart.

Brands Win Championships

Brands Win Championships: Put Your Stamp On It

Traditions are born from detail. Take helmet stickers in college football, for example. They’re diminutive and subtle, but by being used across the vast majority of programs at one point or another, helmet stickers have become one of the sport’s most celebrated traditions. There’s a romance to customs like these that bring me, and millions of others, back to college sports every year. More important, they tell a story.